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Area Rugs

Wood floors are the most popular choice for homes today. While a wooden floor is beautiful, it can be somewhat stark looking. You can dress up the room and create a cozy feel with area rugs. Our area rugs come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes to meet your needs and your budget. We have carpets that are sure to fit the size of the area in your home.

What are the Benefits of Area Rugs?

Area rugs offer many benefits. Rugs are the ideal way to make the floor softer and warmer. You can instantly create a designer look in the room when you add a beautiful rug that fits the décor. Rugs make walking on floors easier and quieter. If you have children, rugs make the floor softer and offer a more enjoyable space to play. Rugs can protect the floor underneath, and they beautify the room. You can find rugs that perfectly fit the size of the space to create a designer appearance.

Tips for Choosing Area Rugs

Choose a rug after you pick the soft and hard furnishings of the room. Once you arrange the furniture to your liking, you can determine the size and shape rug that best fits the space. Pick a rug that will take up most of the space between your sofa and wall. You want to make sure the rug doesn’t look skimpy. Opt for a rug that has a color palette that matches the décor of the room. Choose the size and color rug that will look best. Choose the material of the rug based on the location and the amount of wear the rug will get.

What are Popular Rug Styles?

Some of our most popular rug style categories include Persian, Turkish, Oriental, modern, reproduction, and antique. Each style has a unique look that will blend nicely with the décor of your room. A beautiful rug will update the room and give it a new and more appealing look. You will find a large selection of different rugs to choose from on our website. We offer high-quality rugs at reasonable prices. You can shop by style or color to search the many rugs that we have available. We often have exclusive sales and discounts, so check back often.

Shop Rug Source

At Rug Source we have a vast inventory of more than 30,000 rugs from at least ten major rug-producing countries. Our professional staff is extremely knowledgeable about our products and is happy to answer your questions. We strive to provide excellent customer service. We offer high-quality rugs at up to 80% off retail prices. We provide free shipping to the United States and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Read our online rug guide to learn more about the various types of rugs that we sell. We also provide hand-washing and rug-cleaning services as well as repairs and re-coloring. You will be pleased to receive a gorgeous rug that fits the room perfectly and makes a beautiful addition to your décor.

Area Rugs
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