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hand painted Floor los angeles

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From a simple patina to an imitation of another material or faux finish, the floor artistic painting produces an interesting effect on the decorative floor. To make this technique, especial paints are used for the specific floors.
For good finishing it is important to cover the work with a coat of polyurethane or epoxy sealants.
They are meny possibilities of creation the art work and they will depend on the size of area to be painted, the colors of the walls, fabrics or furniture, and the decoration in general. Below is a review of the different options:

A patina is a special finish that is applied from one painting to another creating transparencies, drawings and special shades, in combination of two or more shades of paint.

Decorative finish in which paint is applied with light strokes of a sponge on an object or surface, creating a mottled texture.

A technique that consists of stamping drawings by passing a brush or roller by a stencil or template having the chosen design, allowing them to be printed on the surface to be treated. It can be made around the perimeter of the floor or only at the edges, forming decorative designs.

All sorts of drawings we can imagine; Simple or complex, realistic or decorative.

guards aligned to the wall, Indian, Oriental, animal or arabesque drawings, are some of the possibilities of design on the ground. For example, a pretty guard on a wooden floor or smoothed cement.

faux finishes (imitations of other materials)
We can imitate with painting any other material, for example: marble, stone, wood, venecite, etc. This feature used in floors offers an important decorative alternative and allows us to replace original materials that, in most cases, are much more expensive and require workmanship.

Design of drawn carpets
The carpet drawing is the best adaptation of the Trompe'oil L'oeil of walls applied to floors. With a realistic design, you can achieve a surface with an interesting artistic alternative.
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