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Garage floors pppppain services los angeles

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One way of giving a decorative touch to the garage floors is by using paint.  The choice of floor paint depends on both the surface to be painted and the environment we will paint.
There are several types of floor paints, depending on the base: acrylics, acrylic lacquers (solvent base), acrylic resins, enamel, epoxy resin, latex.
Type of paint according to floor
For cement floors or absorbent ceramic tile, the ideal paints are latex or synthetic floor enamel. These paintings serve especially for spaces such as stairs, corridors, patios, both inside and outside, provided the area is light traffic.
For high traffic or heavy traffic environments, such as the garage, it is suggested to use a more resistant paint, such as epoxy resins. We will also use this paint in the kitchen because it is more resistant to moisture and grease.
For pre-prepared wood, metal, cement or concrete floors, latex paint is generally used, bearing in mind that, although it is more decorative by the variety of colors, it is also less resistant than resins.
If we look for a smoother finish, both in cement and wood, we can use oil paints. We must bear in mind that it takes longer to dry than other types of paintings.
If we do not want to change the color, but improve or enhance the appearance of our floors, we can choose a transparent acrylic lacquer, which can be applied on cement, wood or metal, provided there is no heavy traffic.

The floors that we can paint are:  cement, brick and wood.
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