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Color Consulting and consultation los angeles

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Why to hire a color consultant

More than any other element of decorating, paint color makes a dramatic impact on living space. Paint color is a powerful tool. It surrounds us within our rooms, and has a profound effect on how we feel. Interior paint color is the least expensive way to give a room personality and to transform your environment. People often look for more interesting paint color in their homes but lack the confidence to choose precisely the right paint colors.
The purpose of an interior paint color consultation is to alleviate your doubts and fears about which paint colors to use in your rooms, and to get your home painted to your complete satisfaction. Visitors form their first impression of your home as soon as they come through the front door, so set a mood that will positively influence how you and your visitors feel. My system for selecting interior paint colors is foolproof and has been successful over many years of testing.
"Color is my strongest weapon: And it's the least expensive way to decorate. With a gallon of paint you can change the entire feeling of a room."

Visualize Your Dream Home Today!
1. You call me to schedule an appointment: 818 -203 7150
2. We take a tour in your place, after that you describe me your color preferences, needs, desires and concerns. I look over any samples of paint colors, magazine pictures, or any material that you have collected as reference. I review your existing furnishings and we discuss any changes that will be made in your furnishings and accessories.
3. I learn about your family's lifestyle (casual, formal) and interests. This helps me to better understand your color preferences and goals.
4. Once we have covered all of your needs, we take professional pictures from every room in your place, then I settle for 4-5 hours and begin to plan the wall colors for each room on the computer. I may start with 4 or 5 ideas in a room, but during the consultation process we will eliminate some of these so that only 1-3 colors remain for you to consider testing. Color options (names and numbers) are indicated on Palette Sheets for you to keep and work from
5. Once colors have been selected for your consideration, we print a picture from each room and and visualize interiors and exteriors with different looks before you remodel. Use photo visualization tools for projects including: Interiors, Exteriors, Kitchens, Baths, and more.
6. I make sure there is color unity, balance and flow between all of the rooms. With the pictures we evaluate the color within the context of the room and its contents. You get a better sense of how the color will look in the room. During this process, you will become clearer as to which colors, tints and shades you favor, and we will be able to eliminate others. Together, we narrow down and then nail down the precise paint colors you wish to test.
– It’s Fun and it’s Easy!

WE will choose from popular Brand-Name Manufacturers. Just visualize how new products would look in your home before you paint or remodel. Over 6,000 Items.

Benjamin Moore Paints®
DuPont Corian®

Eldorado Stone®
Culture Stone®
Kitchen Aid®
LG Electronics®

And Much More!

Once the painting is complete, I sometimes schedule a final on-site visit so that I may see the finished rooms.
Interior Consultation Fees:



Turnaround Time



2-3 possible colors provided for each room, sometimes more.

A. Standard

Up to 5 rooms

Same day


B. Large House

Up to 7 rooms

Same day


C. Other

7 and more

To be determined



To schedule an appointment, please call: (818 203 7150).
Ricky has an extensive knowledge of color theory and design. He has created interior paint color schemes for hundreds of homes of every conceivable style, size and price. He helps the client to access and express their own sense of style, and to bring to the forefront their love of color. His greatest contribution as an interior paint color consultant in Los Angeles is first and foremost to choose colors that reflect the needs and tastes of the client, and to create a unified flow throughout the floor plan, which gives your rooms a greater sense of continuity. Furnishings and accessories then relate better to each other within each room and between adjoining rooms. The colors in the house are harmonious and balanced.
Everyone has their own sense of what is beautiful, what makes them comfortable and what is appropriate for their home. It is Ricky's goal to see to it that we achieve the perfect color scheme for you.

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